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Recently, I have heard this term being used at least half a dozen times. Now, I don’t know why I am suddenly hearing it more frequently, perhaps this is something I need to address for myself!

It is said if you’re still enough and listen carefully, you can generally receive the answers you’ve been seeking. To be more specific, last year around Easter time – I remember being told about a book titled ‘E Squared’ by the author Pam Grout. If you’ve ever read or heard of the book the ‘Secret’ you’ll know that it is focused around The Law Of Attraction. To put it in a simpler term, whatever you give thought to for your life, it’s meant to show up.

In Pam Grout’s ‘E squared’ book, however, she takes the Law Of Attraction to the next level. So, rather than just suggesting that you think about what you desire for your life and hope that it appears; you’re encouraged to partake in a few experiments (9 to be precise) to prove that the Law Of Attraction really does do as it says on the tin.

One of the experiments in particular called ‘THE VOLKSWAGON JETTA PRINCIPLE: (Experiment #2) requires you to choose a supposedly unpopular colour car and see how many you can see within a 24-hour period; I selected the colour yellow. After all, who in their right mind would think about driving a yellow car? Oh wait…back in 1997 when I was starting my career as an eager artist and repertoire manager (A&R) for a major music publishing house, I inherited a Canary yellow Renault Megane 16v coupe from my then boss. She’d originally chosen the colour when given the opportunity to select the specs for her company car to accompany her title at the time. Whereas I on the other-hand didn’t really have a say, I was being given a company car to drive, and, so I drove it. I was and still am grateful to this day!

Anyway, back to the point of the experiment, when you focus and put energy into what it is you’re looking for, there is actually an awareness that you suddenly realise is apparent. It’s not necessarily that the colour of the car is rare, it’s that you are so distracted by so many other things, in this case, other colour palettes that you don’t realise that what you are looking for has been in front of you all along.

So, if we apply this experiment or theory to life, is it then possible that we are in reach of what it is we truly desire or have we been sold yet another ism to keep us preoccupied?

I’m inclined to say no, purely on the basis of being someone who has constantly questioned and perhaps challenged the status quo more out of curiosity rather than belligerence.

This ‘soul searching’ is much like the experiment in as far as we are looking for that thing, be it an object or feeling that will give us that ultimate sign that we have arrived. The destination is unknown, but yet we are here present and hoping to leave our mark, our legacy for generations to come.

Kehinde – Phenomenal Blessings!


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