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Solve The Problem Of Delay In Your Life

An article shows us how we can move forward with our lives without holding ourselves back and realise where we are in our journeys for the greatest effect.

Lose Your Inner Conflict With Time

If you experience the problem of frustrating delay in your life, including the common plight of having to wait till the very last minute for life to come through for you in some important way, here is a solution.

Let’s begin to unravel it by first understanding the cause of the problem. When life seems on-hold it signals that you have been pushing against it, trying to skip steps in the natural order sequence leading to your desired outcome.

Before the door of progress opens up, you have to accept and recognize where you are in the process of building the future you want and then fulfill the need presented by that step.

Building your future is like building a house. If you skip the step of first firming up the foundation you cannot expect the house you build to stand the test of time. Your progress will collapse over and over again, sending you back to the stage in the building process that you have not completed.

We need to trust the timing of the universe and the stage that we are on to progress as smoothly and swiftly as possible.

Let’s say that you are in a relationship that didn’t work out the way you had hoped, sending you back into the position of being single again. This is not telling you that there is anything intrinsically wrong with you, that you are in any way unworthy of love. It is telling you that there was some preparatory work that you needed to complete to enter a more stable, fulfilling relationship.

Let’s say that you are running into a variety of delays over and over again. Clients tell you they need more time to pay you. People arrive late for their appointments. You are feeling nervous because you do not see the flow of support you will need in the future. All of this indicates that you are trying to skip a step.

Why do we skip? It’s based on insecurity about the outcome.

One foundation step that always needs to be completed is absolute trust and confidence in the timing of the universe and in the perfection of all outcomes.

When you run into a delay, take it as a sign that you need to relax, slow down, stop pushing and give yourself the time to more fully be, accept, trust and appreciate where you are.

Ask yourself what you need to do, what you need to accomplish right here where you are to fulfill the needs of this step. The answer is often just easing up and relaxing into the feeling of total trust in everything working out for you.

As you surrender your anxiety about the future, the delays in your life melt away into your full enjoyment of the present.

All you really have to take care of is right here, right now. Become clear, balanced, patient and trusting as you consider the foundation work required of you here.

As you relax into the feeling of fully being where you are, without rushing or resistance, giving up your inner conflict with time, you can take care of what needs to be taken care of and solve the problem of delay.

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