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Sleep is your superpower | Matt Walker

Matt Walker shows us that a lack of sleep can be a very bad thing for our learning and we must change our patterns for an increase in both mental and physical health.

He takes through some examples and studies of those who had a full eight hours sleep compared to those who had a lot less to none – and those with deprivation showed a next to nothing ability in being able to learn anything new, and parts of the brain had shut down. With full sleep parts of the brain can transfer data to the correct places for full learning processes to take place.

Loosing just 1 hour of sleep a day just drastically increase health problems, and you can loose aspects of your immune system to keep your body healthy. This of course has other knock on effects for your health, and productivity within your life. So in the hectic world we live in right now, full of busy schedules leading to prolonged periods of lack of sleep is damaging us and shortening our lives.

If we pick regular sleeping patterns, going to bed and waking at the same time – plus keeping cool when we wish to go to sleep will help us get into routines that enable us to sleep more effectively. We need to consider sleep as necessity more rather than the luxury, and associate the bedroom as the place of sleep rather than wakefulness if we want lives that are more productive in the stressful situations of the world.

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