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Skill Tapping

Here at Success4 we not only help connect Public Speakers and Coaches with thier ideal clients, we also set up and manage a number of other business’ alongside our work on Success4. Who would we be to give advice if we did not run business’ and creative business ventures ourselves.

Between us we have the combined experience of over 50yrs, working in such areas as Retail, Sales, Retail Managment, franchise managment, Media production, Broadcast journalism, Television and radio production, Events managment, youth support work, Teaching, Life coaching, business coaching and social media marketing and managment as well as many more.

Look around you, building a business takes multiple skill sets and one person cannot do it all, what would be the fun in that anyway. You don’t need us to tell you to find like minded people to help you run your business, we are all adults. But it does often help to make a list or mind map of people you know, skills and connections they have and how they could help your business grow and move forward.

Have a fantastic week doing what you love and loving what you are doing.


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