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Simon Sinek – Help Others UNDERSTAND Their Own VALUE To Themselves

A talk by Simon Sinek shows us that helping others, even with the little things in life can build confidence and create huge results for many in the future:

If we wish to progress in our lives and careers we need to understand that helping others is the only way to really accomplish this. Many may think that they can go it alone and do everything the world needs of them but everything has some sense of team work. As you learn you can get away with going solo but when you get out into the world you will need a core team around you to make things happen.

Being a good leader is about showing those around you that they can do anything and you will always look out for them. Just as we would have had a mentor or teacher to keep us on track so you should do also to those in your circle. Show people their value and they in turn will look after you and be confident in their approach to work.

Stop the blame and shame, give people confidence and they will give it back. It will go around and spread to others promoting it to all. Do the little things which build up to great results in the future.

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