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Should You QUIT Your Job? | Life Changing Speech

A video spoken by Joe Rogan and Garyvee tells us that we need to pursue the jobs we really want in life, which can be hard, but very rewarding if we put in the time to make it happen.

Many of us work in a job that isn’t for us, but it seems necessary to keep you going and provide for yourself. It keeps us going in life, day by day – but also restricts our passions and pins you in to a live you do not want. If you have something inside of you that really wakes you up and makes you come alive just thinking about it you must do something with it. Do not waste the creativity that lives within you.

If you put your mind to it, that passion can become your job someday. If you start small, perhaps in hobby capacity building up your knowhow and experience you can then taker it further afield and eventually sell that product you made, or build a business for yourself. Never think that it cannot be done because of the things that hold you place from the everyday. Have your idea, act upon it and never stop until you can swap that job you hate for the one that excites you and makes you feel good.

Make sure through this hectic change you wish to see that you are dedicated to the tasks in hand. Your time may be limited in this transition, so make every moment count. Do not hold onto the materialistic elements that hold you in a job you don’t like – it is never worth the happiness that a success in a job you love will bring.

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