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Seth Godin’s Most Inspiring Speech on Fulfillment

Seth Godin, on impact theory tells us that the system we live in today is designed to keep the majority of us controlled and that we are most happy when we have control over our destinies.

He states that we have 3 choices for what we do – be the replaceable cog in the machine, the founder of the business or to be the linch pin – the one we can’t live without. And that this is the best option for us. We want to learn the things that we love the most. It becomes a passion for learning rather than a requirement, and we should follow this to show us the way.

We can choose to be the best version of ourselves in any situation. But it is up to us to take control and pick that version of ourselves. Our main goal should be to focus on that we leave behind for others and how we can help them progress rather than how we can a better life for just ourselves.

Video by Tom Bilyeu

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