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Secrets Of Self-Control

An article giving us various tips on how to increase our self control and quotes to inspire us into action to tackle any problem that may come our way.

Self-control is a skill we all possess (honest); yet we tend to give ourselves little credit for it.

When it comes to self-control, it is so easy to focus on our failures that our successes tend to pale in comparison.

Self-control is an effort that’s intended to help achieve a goal. Failing to control yourself is just that — a failure.

The first key to leadership is self-control. – Jack Weatherford

1) Meditation:
Meditation is the key to self control as it is the secret to unlock the power of the mind and the body.

People who follow a regular meditation routine become emotionally and physically stronger and can exercise control over their negative feelings in adverse situations

2) Eat Well:
File this one in the counter-intuitive category, especially if you’re having trouble controlling your eating. Your brain burns heavily into your stores of glucose when attempting to exert self-control. If your blood sugar is low, you are far more likely to succumb to destructive impulses.

Sugary foods spike your sugar levels quickly and leave you drained and vulnerable shortly thereafter. Eating something that provides a slow burn for your body, such as whole grain rice or meat, will give you a longer window of self-control.

So, if you’re having trouble keeping yourself out of the company candy bin when you’re hungry, make sure you eat something else if you want to have a fighting chance.

3) Physical Exercise:
Getting your body moving for as little as 10 minutes releases GABA, a neurotransmitter that makes your brain feel soothed and keeps you in control of your impulses.

If you’re having trouble resisting the impulse to walk over to the office next door to let somebody have it, just keep on walking. You should have the impulse under control by the time you get back.

4) Sleep and Rest:
Plenty of sleep and rest is another thing that empowers you with self control.
When you are tired, your brain cells’ ability to absorb glucose is highly diminished. your brain’s ability to control impulses is nil without glucose. What’s worse, without enough sleep you are more likely to crave sugary snacks to compensate for low glucose levels.

So, if you’re trying to exert self-control over your eating, getting a good night’s sleep — every night — is one of the best moves you can make.

5) Ride the Wave:
Desire has a strong tendency to ebb and flow like the tide. When the impulse you need to control is strong, waiting out this wave of desire is usually enough to keep yourself in control.

The rule of thumb here is to wait at least 10 minutes before succumbing to temptation. You’ll often find that the great wave of desire is now little more than a ripple that you have the power to step right over.

6) Forgive Yourself:
A vicious cycle of failing to control oneself followed by feeling intense self-hatred and disgust is common in attempts at self-control. These emotions typically lead to over-indulging in the offending behavior. When you slip up, it is critical that you forgive yourself and move on.

Don’t ignore how the mistake makes you feel; just don’t wallow in it. Instead, shift your attention to what you’re going to do to improve yourself in the future.

7) Plan Your Strategy:
Planning your strategy is also a secret that opens the doors of self control as it has you prepared for all the contingencies you are likely to face.

As a result, you will be prepared to face any situation and plan the way you would tackle it with your thoughts and reactions

8) Fight the unconscious:
Part of the reason we’re easily led into temptation is that our unconscious is always ready to undermine our best intentions.

The practical upshot is simple. Try to keep away from temptations—both physically and mentally—and stay close to things that promote your goals. Each unconsciously activates the associated behaviour.

9) Be Realistic:
If you want to make self control a part of your character, you need to be realistic about your expectations. You need to realize that erring is human and it is all right to lose control at times.

As you practice training your mind, sooner or later you would be able to gain control over it.

10) Rewards and Penalties:
A great way to inculcate this powerful personality trait is to reward yourself when you exhibit self-control and penalize yourself when you fail to do so.

Honesty is crucial here because you are judging yourself. Remember that you are your best judge.

Self Control Quotes:

The best fighter is never angry. – Lao-tzu

Human nature is complex. Even if we do have inclinations toward violence, we also have inclination to empathy, to cooperation, to self-control. – Steven Pinker

Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control; these three alone lead one to sovereign power. – Alfred Lord Tennyson

By constant self-discipline and self-control you can develop greatness of character. – Grenville Kleiser

Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain–and most do.But it takes character and self control to be understanding and forgiving. – Dale Carnegie

Emotional self-control is the result of hard work, not an inherent skill. – Travis Bradberry

Self-control means wanting to be effective at some random point in the infinite radiations of my spiritual existence. – Franz Kafka

Start the practice of self-control with some penance; begin with fasting. – Mahavira

Eating constitutes the greatest obstacle to self-control; it gives rise to indolence. – Mahavira

Hunger and self-control do not go hand in hand. – Kathy Freston

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