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Sam Harris Life Advice Will Change Your Future

A video featuring Sam Harris shows us how to seek happiness in life and to make our beliefs as strong as possible so we find all the good in the world:

When we find ourselves in uncomfortable positions, anxiety and worry being to keep into our minds. The situations become the only thing we ever think about, playing on out minds and we lose focus on everything else around us. We tell ourselves a situation may become bad when it might actually be good.

The way we feel internally in the end comes down to the stories we tell ourselves about that situation. We can decide to believe the best, and in turn we can reframe and create positivity out of a perceived negativity. Also we could also think on the negatives which haven’t happened to us – and see how much good we have because of it.

Find people who connect with you and can keep you on track for your beliefs. We all need to look after each other and build each other up for a positive effect for all.

Video by Motivation Madness

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