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A series of speeches from various personalities shows us that taking risks is the only way to see your dreams come alive and that we need to overcome the fear of failure:

Nothing great comes to you in your life without taking some form of risk. It is all too often that we think on the ways in which things will go wrong and therefore never begin to create that dream we’ve had for so long. But if decide to prepare for a little failure every now and again, and do not fear the path you must take you may be surprised at what results you see.

Security and safety will restrict you in your efforts. It is not worth the feeling of being comfortable to be safe but trade the adventure you are missing out on. Don’t think on your limitations – there are none except those which you impose on yourself. Remove this from your mind and begin to make the life you see inside. We all have one life. It is the only chance we have to make something we really desire.

If you don’t try you are guaranteed to fail.

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