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A video by Nelson Dellis gives us several tips so we can read a book in a day, and also remember it effectively and increase our learning capabilities.

Reading is an essential component to success and growing as people, so we must learn to focus on this for our futures so we can become as knowledgeable as we can and do the things we’ve always dreamed of doing.

1. Intent.
– You need the will to start and continue in the first place. Choose something that you really want to read and find your why so you have the initial focus.

2. Eliminate Distractions.
– Turn off all technology and anything around you that will Gert in the way of your reading. If you don’t you’ll loose your grasp on what you wanted to achieve in the first place.

3. Don’t “read” all the words.
– After time you get skilled at only looking at certain words in a book and allow your peripheral vision to pick up on the rest, saving time in the process.

4. Don’t Backtrack.
– We can often tend to go back over paragraphs and sentences when reading particularly when tired. However we must learn to focus more and keep track of our reading position to build up the correct mentality. Use a visual aid to keep yourself in the right place.

5. Visualise.
– Play out what you are reading in your mind as images as this helps you recall it later on rather than forget it after time.

Extra quick tips:
6. Read for longer.
– Build up your capacity for reading by increasing the time you read for, as it will help you concentrate more.

7. Take Breaks.
– Even though you’ll want to read for longer, you will need time away from reading as you will eventually feel tired. Even if it’s for a few minutes get into there habit of taking a break and coming back fresh.

8. Switch Locations.
– When you vary your locations when reading, you will be able to recall the places you read at and therefore be able to recall what you were reading at those times. This helps your memory recall the information required.

9. Practice.
– Once you get into your routine and try out the other tips you will eventually build up and be able to read a process books more effectively. Just stick out the first few books and see the results after.

10. Write about it.
– After reading, jot down some things that you remember from the book to allow better recall of the information within and solidify the content in your mind.

Video by Nelson Dellis

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