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QUIT EVERYTHING that is holding you back

A motivational video shows us how to go in the right direction for life by thinking on our positives/negatives and making sure we only follow those things which make us better.

Never quit things that take you closer to your dreams, but always quit things that take you further away from them. To do this we need to think about the positives and negatives of each situation in the present moment and also for the future – can you grow the positives out of your current situation? Or if I continue in this situation will things get worse..

Always think about making your future better.

Doing something now in the present moment may seem like a good idea but this can lead to bad habits, which in turn lead to very negative outcomes for our futures. Also things we consider a negative, like the pain from working out may seem like a bad idea now but leads to a more positive future.
Don’t do the easy things now, make your future easier by working hard in the present.

Write down your positives and negatives for the present and future around your circumstances and see what works and doesn’t for you – change your future into what you really want it to be and sacrifice those things you really don’t need.

Video by Team Fearless

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