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Through the story of Peter Pan Jordan Peterson shows us that we need to pick the one thing we want and stick at it to find our potential and open up more options in the future.

We need to accept our responsibilities at a younger age – we have to give up our childhood at the right moment, before it is too late or it will be taken from you at a time which you are not prepared for. If we put off maturity for as long as we can, by not picking something to work for there will become a point where it hits you full force – and it will much harder to recover from.

You will not have the experience required to get on in life, and getting the jobs we want will become much harder.

But we do have the power to choose our direction from an early age, if we want to avoid this. Our best path in life is to select a certain something, work hard at it and stick through it until you have learnt all you can you will come out the other side stronger and have the building blocks of life to do more. It will even open up your options to the inner child of creativity once again, with more possibilities from the skills you have learnt – due to the sacrifice you made at the right time.

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