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PAIN IS TEMPORARY – Gary Vaynerchuk

A set of speeches by Gary Vaynerchuk show us that we must work hard and be happy so that our lives are fulfilled rather than living a life full of regret:

We can always change our direction in life if we need to. We may get stuck in a routine where we feel there is no escape, and those plans we made long ago for something more begin to disappear. At that point we can look at it as the problem, and never change or the point where we decide that it is time for a new chapter in life.

Make the decision to change the game. Instead of living without risk and simply being comfortable in your life, decide to get up and begin your steps into your dreams. It won’t be easy, but it will be rewarding if you stick at it.

The biggest problem we face on the route to success is ourselves. We will put ourselves down and beat ourselves into thinking that we cannot achieve. Fight the fear and realise that once you start out on your endeavour it will all be worth it in the end.

Decide to be the you that you see inside. Never look back and wish what could have been, make sure you look back on all that you have achieved. Decide to work hard, and fight past the pain and negativity you will face to find success on the other side.

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