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Overcoming Rejection, When People Hurt You & Life Isn’t Fair

A talk by Darryll Stinson shows us that rejection should be seen in a way to take the positives from any situation, rather than a keeping you from your passions and dreams:

Rejection can hurt us in many ways. In can steer us away from the paths we wish to take in life, never wanting that feeling again. It can make us change who we are and want to be into something else, just to fit in and be accepted.

But we must learn to embrace who we are, and make sure what we do is from our passion and not because we think we need to fit into an ideal not our own. Never pretend to be someone your are not. Many times you will find that others reject you because of the way they feel about themselves, not you. Look after yourself and be around those who inspire you.

Rejection and lead to depression. But it can also be used to find success. It can show you that the path you were on may not be right for you, and shows you a different direction that you enjoy. It can show you a future that you didn’t see before and can now explore freely without holding onto something else you thought was for you.

Don’t look at rejection in a way which damages you, but a device to gain new perspective and find a path that truly fits you.

Video by TEDx Talks

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