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Overcome Worry, Discouragement and Resentment

An article shows us that we can get trapped within worry and negative mindsets, but we must understand what they are so we can tackle them for a better future:

Are you worried right now? Do you feel the least bit of discouragement regarding your future? Do you resent anyone?

Do you presume that you have no choice but to live in these forms of unhappiness until your situation improves?

Do you believe that you need to feel anxious, discouraged and resentful to be a realistic, responsible person?

Let’s question that presumption and belief by considering these two questions:

1. What if you knew that you did not have to feel worried, discouraged or resentful?

2. What if you knew that you could more effectively and more enjoyably live your life without those painful states?

The answer is obvious: you would choose to be free of worry, discouragement and resentment.

These reactionary states are so common and so habitual, though, that few people question whether they are really necessary or in their best interest.

It seems that most people assume that they have to suffer from worry, discouragement and resentment until they find themselves in a different situation.

And yet, if they would examine their experience of these states of inner torment more closely, they would quickly realize that worry, discouragement and resentment actually prevent them from entering a more satisfying situation.

In fact, all that really makes a situation dissatisfying is the worry, discouragement and resentment that we live in!

Once we really see this, we automatically begin working our way out.

So the question is, how can we perceive what our states of inner emotional pain are doing to us, so that we can find and follow a better way?

The answer is simple: live with full attention in the now.

If worry, discouragement and resentment have any use at all, it is this: they are actually signs, indicators, that we need to take our attention out of the future, or out of the past, and focus it fully into the present moment.

The presence of emotional suffering indicates a misuse or, more precisely, a misdirection – of the focus of our attention.

When we live with full attention in the now we find ourselves internally guided to make a wiser choice that better aligns with our wants and needs.

We recognize that worry, discouragement and resentment work against us, harm us, sabotage our relationships, plans, hopes and dreams.

We see them as really nothing but stressful inner forms of unhappiness that cause us costly, needless and avoidable pain.

When we face our feelings in the now we eventually discover that emotional suffering is intrinsically wrong for us, and we realize in that instant that we’re actually free to leave it behind.

We then instinctively release ourselves from it, just as we instinctively release a match that burns down to our fingertips.

(However, it needs to be made clear that the process of releasing intense states of emotional pain is often gradual and slow.)

So the way out of worry, discouragement and resentment, while often gradual, is to deal with them directly.

Most try to eliminate them indirectly by attempting to manipulate the future in the present.

They try to produce circumstances that will free them from their emotional pain, but that never works because they are continuing to work in their painful inner state.

As long as you look to the past or future as your solution to emotional suffering, you overlook its real, present cause and thus remain caught in its clutches.

Worry, discouragement, resentment – these represent ways that we unconsciously mistreat ourselves, and the longer we mistreat ourselves the more we are bound to suffer.

When we are not fully aware in the now we do not realize that we are mistreating ourselves. We presume that life is mistreating us and we render ourselves powerless to do anything about it.

Living in the now reveals doors of opportunity that living unconsciously inadvertently conceals.

One’s ability to live with full attention in the now requires discipline, but with practice that ability develops, permitting one to enter the now at will and abide there for longer and longer intervals.

So the way out of worry and discouragement and resentment and into a more fulfilling life-journey is to practice living with full awareness of the now, and to shift into now-awareness the instant that we realize ourselves experiencing any form of emotional suffering.

As we live in full consciousness of the present moment we naturally navigate our way around or out of worry, discouragement and resentment, into an increasingly all-fulfilling state of inner peace, contentment and love, with clear recognition of the wisest path to follow in the now, inevitably leading us into the best possible outcomes.

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