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Never too late for spring cleaning

Never too late for Spring Cleaning

All this week I have been feeling a little mental fatigue and slightly agitated. I’ve run the course of the week through my head to try and work out why I am feeling this way, but yet I am unable pinpoint where the cause of this feeling stems from.

My attempts of meditation which normally tends to free my mind up from any fogginess that arises from time to time has not made the impact I expected; which has further added to the unsettling feeling.

I won’t deny, it’s a little disconcerting that I am in a dithering state of mind. It’s as though I’ve had a real shift of energy and I am emotionally trapped in the prison of my own head. The walls of my mind feel as though they’re closing in, much like the physical walls in my home.

It’s time to untangle the trapped energy and bring harmony back into my home!

Making reference to Richard’s recent ‘Wealth Wednesday‘ post and taking on board Bella-Marie’s ‘Small Step Saturday‘ mind-set, on getting the most important muscle we possess being our minds, in the healthiest state so that the rest of our bodies follow suit, I’ve decided to make today (Sunday) the day to do a bit of mind-shifting; spring cleaning.

I believe what we choose to have as our surroundings reflects who we are as individuals. To further add to my point, depending on the amount of disorder/ chaos in our homes this tends to reflect the condition of our minds.

So, if you are a person who likes to have a minimalist feel in your living space, you’re less likely to have problems with energy flowing round your home and vice-versa.

So tell me, which one are you a minimalist or hoarder?

I like to believe that I am in between the two extremes because in some respects I have the odd room in my house that is free from clutter, but the other rooms will probably have more furniture/things than necessary. I’ve never quite managed to work out why, perhaps it stems from not having enough growing up. The question then might be how do we recognise what is enough?

I remember growing up as a little girl I would go food shopping every week with my mother along with my twin sister and we would do a weekly supermarket shop that would resemble a monthly shop. My mother would always make sure that there was plenty of food in the cupboards. We would hoard food like we were expecting a war. Our plates would be mounted up even if we weren’t hungry. My twin and I may have had to share a bed for most of our childhood, but when it came to food we certainly weren’t going to starve with our bulging plates three times a day.

As an adult now, I have inevitably inherited some of my mother’s traits, hoarding clothes and furniture rather than food. I can never look at a full plate of food the same way ever again, less is certainly enough for me!

I think I definitely need to read Richard’s (Wealth Wednesday) posts again, especially the post about: ‘Do You Manage Your Money Well?‘ Here he talks about hoarding and how things depreciate in value.

It’s fair to say that I have more clothes and shoes than one could probably put on their backs or feet in ones lifetime, with that I am totally blessed. But, as a confessed clothes obsessed ‘passionista’ I am starting to feel the burden of maintaining my wardrobe mentally and financially.

As long as I could remember I have always dreamt of having a ‘Walk-In’ wardrobe and in 2008 my dream came true when I had my second bedroom converted to part bedroom part ‘Walk-In’ wardrobe with fitted ceiling to floor wardrobes. I guess I was doing the ‘Secret’ long before I ever knew I would read about the power (I visualised which later materialised) of visualisation.

Going back to my point of having a clear-out, even simply removing one item of furniture or reducing items of clothing from your cluttered wardrobe can create space in ones mind.

So, if like me you’re feeling a little claustrophobic and in need of some room to think, whether it be your mind or your living space have a clear out and set yourself free from things that restrict you from movement emotionally and physically.

And if you’re unable to start tomorrow use Wednesday 1st June to be the day to start the project because it’s a ‘New Moon’ which is the best time to begin something new to be completed by the ‘Full Moon’ (2 weeks later).

Have a clutter free ‘Soulful Sunday’.

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