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MOTIVATION FOR 2019 – Best Motivational Video Speeches Compilation (Most Eye Opening Speeches)

Other people have, and achieve their dreams – to which you watch on from afar. But don’t watch others, go out and make yours happen. Those people are focusing on what they need, so put your focus in the right places also.

You have to take the knocks, and make sure you get back up again. We fall so we can learn to pick ourselves up again. Learn, and make sure you don’t fall again at the same hurdle – but the next one which tries to stop you.

Excuses are the easy, safe route. You can use them to limit what you accomplish and make you feel comfortable. You will use it to wait until you “feel” ready. This will never happen – the time is always now.

It is your life – you are the only person who can step and make a difference. The decision comes from inside, feel it and use it.

Video by Motiversity

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