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Several speakers give us the will and determination to keep going when all may seem lost, and show us that depression is only a passing moment in the long outlook of your future.

We will always fall at some point in our lives. Sometimes it is just a stumble, sometimes it’s to the point that we feel unable to get back up again. Perhaps you simply can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is at these points we have the choice to give up and let all consume us, or keep going until the darkness passes.

In your mind, always remember that everything passes. The depression you may be having will always end at some point, and happiness will fill you. It is the cycle of things, and just a matter of time. You have to hang in and wait for the storm to pass.

Learn to only focus on the positive things you have in life and do not dwell on anything else. Choose to strive for happiness all the time. Sometimes, as is the nature of the world it will not be there. But if you make every effort to find it, it will come back so much sooner. And don’t let any outside interferences change this – focus on yourself and the positive future you can make for yourself.

If you are stuck in winter – remember that summer won’t be too far away.

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