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A video spoken by Jesse Itzler shows us that what we decide to do when things get tough can make the difference between getting on in life or being stuck where we are.

Overcoming the things that are hard, out of our comfort zone and what we don’t really want to do makes us stand out from the rest. We need build our minds up so we can do this everyday without a second to thought to the negative. This way we will be able to tackle everything, not matter how hard it may get. We will be ready to take it on, even if it’s unknown to us.

If we make the sacrifice to do extra work when everyone else goes home, work harder despite the outcome or enjoyment we can set our standards higher permanently. This effect will transfer into all aspects of your life, making you push harder for everything around you. The more you can focus on the completion of the work, the project, the business the more you can achieve throughout your whole life.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Video by Ben Lionel Scott

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