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Matthew McConaughey – This Is Why You’re Not Happy

A speech by Matthew McConaughey shows us that we can always find those things that make us positive if we focus on the journey and stop searching for things that we constantly change.

Happiness is hard to obtain due to our own standards of perfection and changing the goal posts whenever we get close to what we wanted. There always seems to be more to obtain, and it is always just out reach. This in turn will keep us unhappy in life.

Instead consider joy. It comes from making what you do the enjoyment of your life, rather than constantly searching for that something you can never get. When you enjoy your processes, everything else falls into place. If we give thanks for what we have, we can find our direction and head to the right path.

Define success for ourselves and then maintain it. Do not give time to the things that will slow you down in life. Get rid of them and focus in on the positive aspects of your life more. In doing so you will find your joy and only see the road ahead that you have always wanted.

Find out who you are not to figure out who you are.

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