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Mark Cuban – The #1 Reason Why Most People Fail In Business

A Q and A with Mark Cuban gives us some tips on how to create a business which is sustainable, profitable and gives you the passion to move forward and do more:

There will always be competition in anything you do. You must accept this fact if you wish to succeed. You must be willing to work harder than everyone else around you to the point of collapse if you want to win and become the person at the top.

Understand who you are, and what you are good at. Use your skills to make something where your passion and drive will show through the whole time, so no one can beat you at your game. Keep learning where you can and stay ahead all of the time. When you know all the steps yourself, rather than depending on others you will be fully able to adapt to any situation.

Inspire those around you, keep coming up with new ideas and be willing to do whatever it takes to make your business become better than the day before.

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