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Love Your Inner Villain | Gosia Scarrott

A video/article by Gosia Scarrott shows us that we all have an inner critic and doubt but we can move on from this state by accepting its presence, allowing us to excel with our lives.

Loving your Inner Villain.

We all have inner voice.
It can be our friend, our villain…or anything in between.

We notice it more when it makes us feel guilty, inadequate and unworthy of success. It is most painful when it says to me:

“I am useless”
“I am not attractive”
“I am not cut for this”
“I need to settle and forget my dream”
“I don’t know what to do, I lost my purpose”

If doubt and fear were a person, would they treat you better if you gave them attention, love space and time?

When someone you spend time with feels appreciated and heard how do they react?

They often soften up, get a bit quieter, more kind toward you and more pleasant. They cause less pain and discomfort.

Your inner villain desires a sense of belonging, just like you do.
We feel we belong when we feel seen, heard and valued by people around us.
When we feel we belong we are able to surrender, let go and be at peace.

Therefore, the more your inner villain feels loved, the sooner it goes away.

Many limiting, hurtful beliefs that hold us back from reaching out our potential are stuck in us because we haven’t truly seen them and loved them.

If you want to release something you need to fully see it, hear what it says and become a space of love for it.

And this creates for you a new energy level. The place you can create from, move ahead from and take an imperfect action.

Would you like to try this simple activity for yourself?
1. Write down on a piece of paper some words and sentences that your inner critique has been telling you continuously. The inner statements that make you feel guilty, inadequate and limited.

2. Then read through it one by one and allow yourself to fully feel the pain of it, that pain can be present in your body as a tension, anxiety, warmth etc. Breath it and leave it. Then send it an unconditional love. This can be in the form of a virtual hug, a stream of light beams or warmth. Stay with it until it’s neutral until it is subtle.

3. You could also add a short statement: “….and I accept it fully” or “…. And I love it”.

Do it with an open mind, unconditional positive regard, patience and heart.

Love & Lipstick


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Article/Video by
Gosia Scarrott

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