By Flavia powell - NLP & Hypnotherapy Coach

Flavia powell – NLP & Hypnotherapy Coach

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Love at a million miles per hour 💕

Ever felt so much love for someone that your heart felt as though it was going to pop out of your chest ? It really is such a wonderful feeling !!!

Us women are generally a little more emotional than men :-). We want to show our love and nurture the people we love but make no mistake, there are plenty of men out there who feel just like us and want to express their love and nurture too.

We want to tell the people we love just how much we love them, look out for them, support them and tell them how proud we are of them but….what happens when we express our love and it’s not reciprocated? Ever had that? You pour your heart out to someone and they say thank you or look at you a little baffled but leave an empty space in your heart? Oh yes….plenty of times!

Here’s what I found over the years ; it doesn’t matter who takes my love, who cherishes it and who reciprocates it. It doesn’t matter if they don’t pour their heart out back at me. What truly matters is that my love is genuine, selfless and without expectation. Offering love makes me happy. Never will I expect it back, never will I stop offering it because I don’t get it back, never will I be scared of loving at a million miles per hour just because it is viewed differently. What I will do is offer it to the people who appreciate it and to the people who are ready to receive it. I will also offer my love and kindness to the people who have no idea how much they need it.

Reducing the expression of love just because It might not be returned is based on fear. Let’s turn that fear into the faith that our love will reach many souls.

Love is for giving and the receiving will come 💕

Keep smiling 🙂
Flavia xxx

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