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Listen To This and Change Yourself | Jordan Peterson

A speech by Jordan Peterson gives us some advice on how we can better ourselves and work to bring value to not just to the individual but everyone around us.

A simple start to self improvement can come from a good posture. The way we hold ourselves can lead to confidence and having a better outlook on life. This will reflect in others who will see you in a different, successful light also and respond differently than they have done previously.

Do things that you are afraid of. Build up your confidence in the unknown of things you don’t want to do and watch everything else fall into place. Step out of your comfort zone and you’ll find that through a little dedication you can do anything.

Have people around you that challenge you and make you better. Also make sure you apply this practice to yourself, and make yourself a better person through you. We make conscious decisions to like and help others, but often do not not do it for ourselves.

We all have something unique of value. Show it to the world and make it a better place.

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