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Lilly Singh | From Depression To Success

The youtuber and actor Lilly Singh shows us that there will always be moments in our lives which will make us depressed but never to linger on these feelings. With the right passion and people around us we can fight the dark times and come out successful.

If you are not passionate about something, and end up doing something you hate it will lead to a depressive state. You will get stuck not feeling the right way – instead be obsessed with that something that you really want. If it’s really worth it – it will take you over and make you happy and kick start your day. It will make you excited and fulfilled.

Be in tune with yourself. You need to be honest with you if you wish to succeed, and find your way of learning – we are all different and to maximise your potential find what works best for you to get the most out of studies, throughout your life.

You cannot be in control of other peoples actions. But you can take control of yourself. Forget the hate that may be put your way, and learn to live and love with the structure you set out.

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