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Leonardo DiCaprio | Top 10 Rules

A video by Evan Carmichael, featuring the actor Leonardo DiCaprio shows us his outlook on life and takes us through some tips to improve ourselves for the better:

1. Stand out from the crowd:
– If you manage to be remembered above the rest you stick in the minds of those you wish to work with in the future. Think on unique situations and expressions so you stand of from the rest and help set up your future.

2. Be proud of your work:
– Do something for the love off the job, not for accolades or for fame. Do it because the passion takes you over and you have to see it come to life.

3. Have fun:
– Whenever the moment allows, give yourself the time to enjoy it and have a laugh. It will boost you and those around ready for the work to begin again.

4. Stay Hungry:
– Always want more of that one thing you’ve been striving for. Show the passion and commitment everyday, and keep working towards your goals and beyond.

5. Always be improving:
– Never stop learning, even if you’ve accomplished a lot of your goals and feel in a good place. There is always room to become better and take on new projects and challenges.

6. Surround yourself with great people:
– When you have people around that have the same passions as you, you will find yourself become more motivated and driven also. Having the support of those around that wish you well is a constant boost to your dreams.

7. Find great opportunities:
– As you work towards your goals, look for those moments where you cannot turn the opportunity down. Find that one thing you know will lead to success and find your way on board.

8. Be driven:
– Find your inspiration in something and keep moving towards it no matter what. If you love it keep going no matter what tries to get in your way.

9. Have conviction:
– Don’t become sidetracked by other things which try and stop you on your journey. Pick the right opportunities for you and don’t be tempted by others as you make your dreams reality.

10. Tell great stories:
– Through life, have an adventure so you have many stories to tell. Inspire others through your stories so they go out and create ones of their own.

Bonus. Stick with it:
– Face rejection of your dreams and keep moving forward. Never let anything knock you down and stop you in the pursuit of your goals.

Bonus. Learn from successful people:
– Study those who have been where you want to go. Find out what made them who they are now and find your own unique voice afterwards.

Video by Evan Carmichael

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