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Larry Ellison | Motivational Speech

A motivational speech by Larry Ellison shows us that we must do what we love in order to succeed, and to not let anyone get in the way of your vision.

Do not settle for working on someone else’s passions when you should follow your own dreams and make them come true. Find your satisfaction, a job that you can fall in love with and you will always be fulfilled. And if you cannot find it, create it so you always have your passion ongoing.

When you start this journey you may not be accepted by people, but as long as you have your vision it doesn’t matter. Put in the work and soon people will see it’s value. You never know where this could take you – it could lead to work for many others and onto other avenues of success. So keep trying things out and see what works for you. Sometimes it will fail, but all you need is that one time for it to work and you have made it.

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