By Charlotte Stebbing-Mills

Charlotte Stebbing-Mills

Coach and founder of Kaizen Life Spark

My name is Charlotte and I am a coach who believes that a combination of the kaizen, life and spark is what we need to explore more of in our lives. Including in our relationships, careers, health, mission for financial freedom and overall wellbeing. It is essential that we strive for positive change and sometimes it’s not easy. Sometimes we need to be ignited or “re”-ignited in some of these areas…

Kaizen Life Spark is a Coaching Service working to empower people to ignite their own life's spark so they can create the flame of their chosen existence and carry the torch into their desired reality.

I have been in the world of coaching since 2005 in wellness and fitness, helping people to reach their physical and lifestyle goals. I became extremely passionate about the psychological aspects of coaching as well as only the physical elements.

In 2014 Kaizen Life Spark was born and has evolved into what it is today. I dedicate my life to helping others and share my struggles, successes and strategies to enhance their results. I have taken what I have learned from personal experiences, client experiences and mentors and created a coaching method which can take ordinary lives to extraordinary.

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I founded and authored a coaching tool called, MindShift Map. It uses a variety of strategies and perspectives to help you ignite the inner spark in your life!

Leading others to gain clarity on vision, personal efficiency and existence is one of the most rewarding contributions I have ever made.

In the MindShift Map, we raise the question of presence and self awareness in your life, and find out what you want to continuously improve and then importantly real life, tangible results!

The Kaizen Life Spark Coaching Methods changed my life drastically. Find out how by checking out my blogs, drop me an email or click sign sign up on the homepage to get a free download which will immediately kick start your journey.



Know Yourself Blog

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom” – Socrates

Many people attach their identity to something external without even realising it. They attach it to relationships, sports, careers, music amongst others. This happens because it’s easy to attach yourself to something else that exists, especially if it’s something you seek pleasure in but often when this happens our feeling of wholeness and self-expression gets neglected.

Knowing yourself will take more time than simply aligning yourself with something external. If we truly know ourselves we see a host of benefits. We are genuinely happier in the present moment and long term, we make better decisions, we can resist peer pressure, increase our performance in both social, personal and high-pressure environments, and we know what we want and where we are going. Who wouldn’t want all these benefits?

Check out 3 tips on how to get to know yourself better.

1. Values are our book of rules that we revert back to at any given moment. They are the things that we truly believe in and that we hold high regard for in our lives.
– List your top 5 values and describe them.

2. Characteristics are a key go to when knowing yourself. Identifying our personality will teach us how we naturally show up and engage with the world. For example, do you like being in large groups of people, or do you prefer more intimate small groups of people to hang out with? Do you act upon emotion or on facts? Are you laid back or have a sense of urgency in what you do?
Identify and describe your top 5 characteristics and how these help you in your everyday life.

3. Purpose is a term which gets thrown around when learning about oneself. The idea of purpose here is to ask yourself if you had the opportunity to have any impact on the world, what would it be? Purpose stems from anything meaningful to YOU. Everyone is different.
– Think back to any moments which have been meaningful to you and list them.
– Use what you learned from the last question and answer: if you had the opportunity to have any impact on the world, what would it be?

Let’s face it, if you don’t know who you are, how will anyone else be able to get to know you? We are forever changing, growing and evolving so don’t be surprised if your answers to these questions change. That’s ok, so long as you are aware and being your authentic self.

Until next time, keep learning and keep growing.


Charlotte Stebbing-Mills

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