By Charlotte Stebbing-Mills

Charlotte Stebbing-Mills

Coach and founder of Kaizen Life Spark

My name is Charlotte and I am a coach who believes that a combination of the kaizen, life and spark is what we need to explore more of in our lives. Including in our relationships, careers, health, mission for financial freedom and overall wellbeing. It is essential that we strive for positive change and sometimes it’s not easy. Sometimes we need to be ignited or “re”-ignited in some of these areas…

Kaizen Life Spark is a Coaching Service working to empower people to ignite their own life's spark so they can create the flame of their chosen existence and carry the torch into their desired reality.

I have been in the world of coaching since 2005 in wellness and fitness, helping people to reach their physical and lifestyle goals. I became extremely passionate about the psychological aspects of coaching as well as only the physical elements.

In 2014 Kaizen Life Spark was born and has evolved into what it is today. I dedicate my life to helping others and share my struggles, successes and strategies to enhance their results. I have taken what I have learned from personal experiences, client experiences and mentors and created a coaching method which can take ordinary lives to extraordinary.

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I founded and authored a coaching tool called, MindShift Map. It uses a variety of strategies and perspectives to help you ignite the inner spark in your life!

Leading others to gain clarity on vision, personal efficiency and existence is one of the most rewarding contributions I have ever made.

In the MindShift Map, we raise the question of presence and self awareness in your life, and find out what you want to continuously improve and then importantly real life, tangible results!

The Kaizen Life Spark Coaching Methods changed my life drastically. Find out how by checking out my blogs, drop me an email or click sign sign up on the homepage to get a free download which will immediately kick start your journey.

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There’s always a gap between where we are to where we want to be. Even when we achieve something, it’s human nature and not long before we start pushing for the next thing.

So, how do we close that gap even faster?

1. Have a taste where you want to be.

Think, feel, experience what it its you want as this will serve as your fuel to build momentum to closing the gap. For example, if you want to travel the world, choose 1 place and visit there, taste it and experience the identity full on. Or if you want to be super healthy, hang out in super healthy environments and do something that makes you feel super healthy.

By doing this your brain will associate the experience of how you felt, what you saw, heard and behaved like. It will serve as the fuel that ignites and maintains your motivation.

2. Reflect on what results you have already achieved until now.

Ask yourself what is holding yourself back and what specifically you’ve been struggling with. This will give you the opportunity to address what’s needed to close the gap.

By answering these questions, you will be able to accept, gain clarity and take action on the answers to ensure you close the gap.

3. List the specific actions

What do you need to undertake to move between where you’ve been to where you want to be and take massive action.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when we have everyday life demands in our face every day, to take a step back and assess how you can close the gap will put you strides ahead of where you. It’s time for you to close the gap.

Remember its 80% psychology and 20% mechanics that will make it happen.

You’ve got this.

Until next time, keep learning & keep growing

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