By Joshua lee Graham

Joshua lee Graham

International Speaker and Life Coach.

Joshua's style of coaching is second to none, if you're looking for someone who can push you into "Living in your truth" then this is the guy. Josh stands tall and believes in everything he teaches, he is consistent and very well liked throughout the coaching business. This guy gets the work done, without fail.

Joshua is also a key member of the Success4 Team, working closely with all of our contributors to the website.

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The world is changing, there is no doubt about that. Throughout the ages man has transitioned from age to age, and throughout time there have always been leaders. The way I see it we are now moving into the age of the conscious entrepreneur. You may now be asking, what is a conscious entrepreneur?

Becoming a conscious entrepreneur is really about finding the satisfaction in what you are doing beyond the money and the accolades. A conscious entrepreneur does business with their values and well-being at the forefront of everything.

It is about building something bigger than just yourself, and working from a powerful place of purpose.

This whole image of hustle, hustle, hustle, money, money, money is not the driving force for a conscious entrepreneur. We’ve seen it so many times where people have money however they do not have happiness.

The simple reasoning for this is there is no fulfillment!

My first experience of Joel brown was at an event back in December. I was sat on the front row and as he was called up the first thing I see is this guy with a load of energy breakdancing on stage! Joel Brown is the founder of digital media/News company addicted2success, he is a speaker, coach, blogger and author. His Addicted2success podcast has reached over 2 million people globally I am someone who has taken huge value from these podcasts and been able to implement the tools and strategies provided in my own business.

Here are a few key takeaways I have learnt from him:

Power of a vision disciplines you chooses your friends for you – The first time he sat down and really took time to map out a vision was in the presence of Jordan Belfort the wolf of wall street himself  What are you doing? what do you love? and what solution are you bringing to the world? Goals are good for short term but you need to have a vision! Create a 10 year vision! 5 years in Joel  almost hit everything he had written down across the 6 pages. Give yourself freedom to create. Clarity is key. Prime your mind, be around people playing at a higher level. Law of intention get clear on your values.

Be different & be more of yourself. Rise up as yourself, if you’re not embarrassed by the person you once were, you’re not moving forward. Separate yourself from the rest – it’s easier to be different than it is to be better than the rest stand apart, create a magnetic brand.

Shake up your energy to break patterns. Move yourself out of the environment that you’re in, be around different people, pick up and read a book that you wouldn’t normally read. Growth happens outside of your comfort zone and remember if you keep doing what you’ve always done you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.

Joel Brown is someone we at Success4 see as one of the leaders of the new age we are heading into, raising levels of consciousness and making it part of a life mission to support as many people as possible to move forward.


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