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Jim Kwik: 10 Things that Will Change Your Life Immediately

Jim Kwik takes us through his keys to having a healthy and ageless mind, and getting full impact from your brain for your ideas and success.

He asks us to rate ourselves on a scale of 1 to 10, so we can really think about if we are doing the right things for our mindset. His keys are:

1. A good Brain diet. Eat the right foods to get your mind healthy.
2. Get rid of automatic negative thoughts. Make sure you are talking positive to yourself.
3. Exercise. Make sure you move to stimulate your mind.
4. Brain Nutrients. Find out what could help you personally in this manner.
5. Positive peer group. How are those around you helping you engage and encouraging you onwards.
6. Clean Environment. How do you look after your workspaces and organise yourself.
7. Sleep. This is very important to help relieve and restore your brain to a healthy state.
8. Brain protection. Both physically in the lifestyles we lead but also from the digital age we live in now.
9. New Learnings. Constantly learn new things each day to keep your brain stimulated.
10. Stress management. When you stress, you can’t concentrate on what you need to and overload your brain.

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