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Jim Carrey – What It All Means

A short speech by Jim Carrey shows us that we all go through the journey of life, and we should embrace who we are and never let anyone take us from our adventures:

Happiness does not come from the processions that you can accumulate or the status you can make for yourself. Many people have the richness of this, but are not fulfilled. But to be fulfilled comes from the enjoyment of life and what you do with the time you have. Don’t strive for something because you feel it will make you happy, instead find the enjoyment of something and see where it takes you.

If you are happy on this journey you will have won already.

Emotion comes and goes. Sometimes we will feel down, it is a part of life. But know that it will always fade and be forgotten. The ideas we have shape us into new and unique personalities. We are all different and should embrace who we are. Don’t let anyone tell you that you should be different.

Depression can come from you trying to be someone that you are not. You may be trying to fit into another crowd just to be liked, or that you need to show others a different version of who you are. Never do this. Be yourself, do the things that make you happy and those who understand will be there for you.

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