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James Altucher on Ideas & Execution

A short snippet from a London Real video with James Altucher takes us through how our ideas are a key part of who we are and the most important thing to making money.

Ideas are the core part of us, and constantly running through us to give us our unique qualities. They give us our vision and drive. We do need execution to get things done, but that wouldn’t happen without the ideas flowing to create businesses and concepts. Not all of our ideas will yield the profit we are after, but we must execute and keep trying until one of ideas takes us to where we want to go.

You need meaning in your life – having this will bring you to your ideas and the values you wish to show. This will lead to you helping those around you and as a by product make the money from your idea. Become an idea machine, and keep coming up with new ways to help others and the rest will fall into place.

Video by London Real

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