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J.K. Rowling – motivational speech

A motivational speech from the Author J.K. Rowling shows that failure is just one part to the journey of our successes, as long as we do not let them stop us.

When things are at the lowest there is always hope and you can overcome anything holding you back. Failure can open you up to seeing new ways and ideas – pushing you forward and giving you the focus required to accomplish anything. The fear that comes with failure can set you free, as it gives you the determination to make something of yourself.

If you have a mission, but still continue after many failures – until you have been tested to breaking point – you know that this is for you and will make it happen no matter what else gets in your way. You understand that failure is just part of a process, one that if stuck through will yield great results when the time does come.

Work hard, never let go of your dreams and keep moving on a path to greatness – no matter how long it takes.

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