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It Always Paid Off | Jordan Peterson

A video featuring Jordan Peterson shows us that we should always move forward in a positive way, and by doing so we will always see results going in the right direction for our lives:

Whatever situation you currently live in you can either decide to make it better for your yourself or worse. If you are in a place which don’t particularly like you could decide to make it something more or decide to inject more negativity into it, making it much worse. If you make the decision to take on the positive route you constantly see where you can go and keep moving towards better goals.

Wherever we are in the present moment we can always make situations better for ourselves by keeping an attitude of positivity and focus within. Once we decide to jump into the unknown and experience new things we can continue to grow and move forward with even more direction.

If you decide to commit to something and make it happen you are already on your way to winning the battles in life. Things may go slightly wrong on the journey but it is in the getting up and doing that we see the results slowly come to fruition.

Video by WordToTheWise

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