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Introducing The Soul Sister Centre

Hey, Soul Sister!

I’m Tatiana, and I am so glad our paths have crossed. You are always welcome here, wherever you are

Introductions are hard; I don’t like reducing who we are at our soul to mere labels, occupations, qualifications or categories. So beyond & before any professional roles I hold – I am simply me / you are beautifully you, and being ourselves is already enough. Let’s never forget that

In light of this, living truthfully to who I am includes working as a Certified Holistic Lifecoach, travelling the world as a Longhaul Flight Attendant, studying to become a Health Psychology + Nutrition Coach, and graduating as a Bachelor of Theology Pastoral Care Major

The vision behind all that I am & all that I do is seeing women from all walks of life lead transformed lives from the inside out – and I want to share this journey with you as we each discover our light, cultivate our worth, and live from our deepest unique purpose within (and do so in a way that is real, raw, tangible & practical)

Above all, mental & spiritual wellness is the beat of my heart and the creative force which empowers me to create spaces where we can gather together to belong, connect and journey with each other – including this space right here at The Soul Centre.

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