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Increase your self-awareness with one simple fix | Tasha Eurich

A talk by Tasha Eurich shows us that we need to think on the right questions for ourselves in order to move forward with purpose and the correct mindset:

How do we see ourselves? Many off us believe that we have the ability to analyse ourselves effectively and act accordingly. But in truth, we are not doing the right things to focus and achieve more. Anyone can be self aware, but many of us belief that we are when we are not. Thinking about ourselves is not the same as knowing ourselves, and we must not become trapped in scenarios that have happened to us by thinking too much on them to the point we cannot overcome.

It is very easy to loose who we really are by incorrect thinking and asking the wrong questions about ourselves. Instead of thinking on the whys in life we must focus of whats – this gives us focus in the right areas of our lives and allows us to concentrate on any problems effectively. This in turn, helps us move forward in the right manner.

Self awareness can be a great thing on your journey of discover. So ask the right questions, reflect and move on to become a better person than the day before.

Video by TEDx Talks

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