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‘IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING’ (ft.Hrithik Roshan)

A motivational video by the Indian Actor Hrithik Roshan shows us that we can achieve anything if we focus and spend the time creating the person we wish to be.

He shows that there will always be fear and doubt within ourselves but we must overcome these by asking how we can get over these barriers to come out the other side. Everyone has the ability to defeat the negative aspects, and become a stronger person.

Create the time you need, it won’t come looking for you. If you are able to manage time effectively, you will be able to do everything you’ve wanted – everything you’ve worked hard to accomplish. Your character is the defining feature. Know who you are and what you are after. Put 100% effort into whatever it is and show others you have what it takes to make it.

Never give up and keep forward at whatever pace you can you will overcome anything.

Video by Eternal Explorer – Motivation

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