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If You Want To Escape Poverty, DO THIS NOW!

David Bayer show us that everything we want to do in life can be accomplished with the right way of thinking and having a clear vision for your future.

What we believe dictates our emotions and actions, which lead to the results we see in life. If we have believed that something is hard to achieve or even impossible, we will never see the results as our actions would have been to never achieve the goal. Once we see that it “couldn’t” be done, we then get stuck in loop of failure. We need to change the way be believe to obtain the success we wish to see.

Whether it be a positive or negative experience it comes down to the meaning we give them. Positivity leads to creativity and energy, but if we are negative the doors to these are closed off. We can all too often believe that we are not good enough to do something, but then we will definitely not be able to accomplish it. However once we learn that this belief in ourselves is not true, everything changes and we open ourselves up to unlimited possibilities.

Find out what you want in life and really see it in your mind. Don’t get stuck on the how of completing something, imagine what it looks like when it is done, and you will clear your mind and find the how within yourself.

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