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I.M POSSIBLE – Hershey Hilado


I never once in my life believed that my dreams for my family and for myself was IMPOSSIBLE. I was ridiculed, belittled and rejected. I didn’t grew up most millennials did, I worked my ass off in the farm with Grandad every weekend up to the age of 14, went to school with no food in my stomach most days (didn’t finished high school) and experience the days when the very food I was going to put in mouth had to be given to my younger siblings.

At 15, I got involve in a shoplifting gang and earned myself a seat at the police station more than 6x a month. I had a gun in my head in an interrogation. The society has turned their back on me when I needed help. But that’s okay because if they didn’t I would never have learned my lesson.

The one thing that didn’t had to be taught to me is the thing we call “sacrifice”.
On my Grandpas dead bed he asked me to promise this:
“love and care for your siblings. Never ever let them go in a day without food and make sure they go to school and fulfill their dreams”

That promise was my motivation. At 19 years of age I bought a house in a subdivision for my 7 siblings. My brother graduated with a Bachelors Degree of nursing and now a certified Nurse. My other siblings are all in school and doing well.
I forgotten all about the anger and hate that I carried for a very long time because my adversities has taught me the most important thing in this life- and that it to love unconditionally.
Forgiveness of other people will only happen if you learn to forgive yourself, the things you had to do to survive and the things you are about to do.

Remember that the word IMPOSSIBLE is a small word thrown around by small minds. DO NOT EVER EVER LET ANYONE INTERFERE WITH YOUR DREAMS. IT’S YOUR JOB TO PROTECT IT.

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