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I Guarantee Your Behavior Will Change

A talk by Nir Eyal takes us through how we can easily distract ourselves from work and how to get back on track by regulating what we do and not giving in immediately:

Anything we do is done to avoid discomfort – so we often head towards things which distract us from this, often leading to unproductive ways and losing time on the important things we wanted to do.

We always want to feel something, even if we only have one choice of sensation that could hurt us. It seems to be better than nothing. However we need to move our feelings from distraction into something that causes us to take action. Obtaining the knowledge is the easy part, it is in the doing where we often fail. Work on getting started immediately on the really important stuff and work on other things if you can later.

When you try and remove the distraction completely you end up wanting it more and more until you give in and feeling becomes even greater. Instead give in to the distraction after a set amount of time and and use it to reflect on the distraction or if you can simply get onto the tasks you need to accomplish. After your set time you can then distract yourself if required.

This will help you remove it from the immediate and allow you to focus.

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