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How To Turn Awkwardness Into Confidence

A set of tips featuring the actor Tom Holland show us how we all can become a confident version of ourselves and talk to others without fear, embracing who we are for effect:

1. Adjust your body language:
Using techniques like the three second rule of contact – where you keep moving your gaze to others when you are in groups – you can come across as more comfortable and you make others feel included in what you are trying to say. Also, when you use gestures and show your palms as you talk shows that you are open and confident to those around you. If you feel you are in an awkward situation, embrace and go all in rather than introvert yourself top appear more confident even if you are not.

2. Have fun with friendly teasing:
When people try to make situations awkward, albeit in a friendly manner you can take up more space to appear like it’s not affecting you and make you stand out from the situation. Laughing at the situation alongside others is a great tool to diffuse any awkwardness you may have. You can also aim more laughter at yourself by joking alongside also, which shows your not afraid make fun of yourself.

3. Tell your own embarrassing stories:
If you can embrace your own embarrassment and give it a life of it’s own told by you and not others, it will give you control alongside the body language you already use. If you make these stories slightly exaggerated too and act out the events you are trying to get across it will grip your audience further.

4. Let go of managing peoples opinions of you:
Find your truth and don’t let peoples perceptions of you in the moment judge you in any way. Like yourself for who you are and have fun in whatever you’re doing.

Build the right mindset with the confidence from these techniques and go into situations ready to laugh and flow through the moments rather than being shy and afraid to engage.

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