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How to TAKE CONTROL of Your LIFE! | Evan Carmichael

A video by Evan Carmichael gives us several useful tips to help us live our best lives by getting us back on track and taking action over what we want:

1. Hate Mediocrity.
– We are always capable of more, but often settle for what we have. Remove any beliefs that will limit you and strive to do the things that will take us closer to greatness. Don’t put off the need to do this until another time, do it immediately to get the best results for your life.

2. Raise your Standards.
– Don’t be limited by everything around you. Make sure the environment around you is geared towards making you a better person, and you yourself are willing to constantly improve and find those who inspire you and find out how you can be more like them.

3. Be patient with the Results.
– Never think that the things you want will be given to you straight away. Even if you are working hard to obtain your success, you will have to wait for results. Learn to be impatient with yourself to keep you moving forward with full speed to obtain your results in the future.

4. Stop Comparing to others.
– When you put yourself up against others you will often lose sight of your goals and feel negative about your journey. Instead find happiness for yourself and focus on what makes you better as a person.

Bonus – Act Now.
– Don’t let your mind talk you out of situations, when you get an idea in your head or a goal that needs to be completed do it immediately. If you leave it, even for a short amount of time you may think negatively and lose something that may have lead to new opportunities.

Video by Entrepreneur Advice / Evan Carmichael

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