By Gosia Scarrott

Gosia Scarrott

Visibility Coach

I’m a Visibility Coach for female coaches and boss ladies who want to PLAY BIG in their businesses, show up FEARLESSLY and create a great impact in order to become a MAGNET for their ideal clients who love them and buy from them!

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How to stop pleasing and start living?

Do you worry to express your opinions in front of your team in fear that you may say something “silly” and sabotage your “reputation” at work?
DROP IT GIRL! DROP IT RIGHT NOW! The worst thing to do in your lifetime is to live your life on other people’s approval. What’s more important to you- to say what you think, be you and take the risk OR to keep small and put the keys to your self-worth into “their” pockets?

Be Yourself no matter what.
1. Know Yor Strengths
2. Know who you are not.
3. Love Yourself

If you got value from this video then I want you to know that I go so much more in depth about the Science of Being You in my 1-1 Visibility Coaching Program – more details here

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