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How to stay calm when you know you’ll be stressed | Daniel Levitin

A talk by Daniel Levitin shows us just how simple it is to get stressed but also how we can plan through things to combat these situations for great effect.

Stress clouds your thinking, and leads to bad performances in anything you may be trying to achieve at the time. Which can in turn lead to more stress leaving incapable of completing the easiest of tasks.

When this happens, and even the simplest things seem to weigh you down there are tricks to aid you in keeping everything on track. Even down to the the idea of keeping important things in the same memorable places, so when it comes to locating them stress doesn’t have you panicking as time becomes tight.

Through the example of a simple decision at the doctors, but the principle works for any stressful situation, he shows us that we need to work through things ahead of time and look for information so when you come up against something you are more informed and able to think clearer. Try to give yourself as much rational thinking as you can so you are prepared for any situation that could stop you doping what needs to be done.

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