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How to motivate yourself to change your behavior | Tali Sharot

Tali Sharot takes us through various ways that we change our own behaviours, and those of others in a positive manner to make us better within ourselves.

We believe that if we scare people into an action we can influence their behaviour. However in reality this has little or no impact as we usually decide to shutdown from the information told to us and make excuses in our minds. We seek positive actions wherever we can. We will always accept a better view on our futures over the negative.

We like to be a part of what everyone else is doing, and we can use this to influence people into the right actions. Also, if people are rewarded they are more likely to do something they otherwise would not. This can help build better habits as they associated the positive actions of the future with getting something in return. Lastly we can highlight the progress of others to keep them on the right track – people like to move forward, and showing them this can build the up in the right ways.

With these things we can feel more in control of our lives and motivate us correctly.

Video by TEDx Talks

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