By David McCrae

David McCrae

Personal Development Trainer

Author, Speaker, Coach.

Do you want to change your story? Are you frustrated and dissatisfied with the script you've been living to thus far? It's time to author your life. You have incredible inner resources within you, and with David's help you can understand, unlock and unleash them.
There are three principles that will help you create a new narrative: Consciousness (loving your self) Calling (loving your work) and Connection (loving those around you). Your re-writing process will be based on scientific foundations and strategies that David has used on himself and his students to create brand new stories.

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How to know if you’re being too hard on yourself | David McCrae (Author Your Life)

Getting the balance between aspiration and self-care can be tricky.

To grow, we have to push beyond our comfort zone.

However, to maintain our health and happiness, we can’t keep pushing ourselves incessantly.

In this video, you will learn how to find that balance. To learn when to stop being hard on yourself, but also when to be a little harder on yourself too.

Video By David McCrae: Author Your Life

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