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How To Get Things Done And Stop Procrastinating | Dan Lok

Through his “Boss in the Bentley” series Dan Lok takes us through how we need to really think on what we do to make sure we are making the most of the moments around us.

Many people feel productive because they do so much but it may not all be in the right places and they end up doing much less in the long run. So you must learn to put all your efforts in the right areas to maximise your time.

What is also key is how fast you can implement your ideas. If you don’t execute them as fast as you can you will never grow or you may lose the idea to someone else. Move them along swiftly and adapt them on the way.

So start by working hard and getting results that show you can do whatever it is you want to excel at. Then work smart, changing the results slightly to get a more efficient effect. Then after all this has happened, think hard on the bigger pictures around you to maximise what you can do.

Video by Dan Lok

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