By Gosia Scarrott

Gosia Scarrott

Visibility Coach

I’m a Visibility Coach for female coaches and boss ladies who want to PLAY BIG in their businesses, show up FEARLESSLY and create a great impact in order to become a MAGNET for their ideal clients who love them and buy from them!

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Here is one of our Trusted Coaches, Gosia Scarrott with her insights on the fear of how you are perceived at work. Gosia has helped many of her clients to overcome extreme boundaries in the work place, so are you holding YOURSELF back at work from that promotion.

Gosia gives you some great advice on building your own perception on your core identity. Find and decide your core identity, the one that fits your soul.

The fear of judgement is the fear of perception. In this video I share with you what we fear. All fears are fears of feelings. We are all judging and perceiving other people and the world and the key to get over it is to connect with your self-worth because the reason we fear judgement is a lack of it. You get over the fear of judgement and perception when you understand that your self-worth is not based on it.

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